Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Houston Chronicle

Have you checked out the Houston Chronicle recently? Joy Sewing, with the Houston Chronicle, recently interviewed Page and her inspirational article on our incredible founder is in papers today! We as a company are beyond proud to be a part of such an inspirational story, and are some of the many people who owe Page a "Thank You" for changing our lives!! A few of our favorite quotes from the interview can be seen below, but be sure to click HERE to read the whole article!

"For years, Parkes, 58, put in 20-hour days and sacrificed her personal life to be a mother,
counselor and all-around head cheerleader for a generation of young, aspiring models."

"Parkes spent most of her career scouting and nurturing models as if they were her own children.
She gave them money for food when they had none, a bed in her own house when they had no place to sleep and, of course, work as a model.
But by 49, she wanted her own family and adopted three siblings, then ages 5 months, 2 and 3 years old.

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