Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week!! What model does not dream of walking on the coveted runway that is NYFW? Every year hundreds of models attend castings, hoping and praying that they will be with the lucky few who are cast to strut down the runway alongside today's Super Models! Some of our very own Page Parkes Models had their Fashion Week dreams come true this season as they walked the New York Fashion Week Runway! Below are some of our favorite behind the scenes photos courtesy of and of course our very own models making us proud!

Marc Jacobs

Verdad (Model: Marlee Menendez)

Cesar Galindo (Model: Coco Kissner)

Cesar Galindo (Model: Coco Kissner)
Alice + Olivia (Model: Marlee Menendez)

Disgual (Model: Katie Moore)
Watch Katie Moore walk HERE.

NYFW BTS (Carson Gartner, Kaite Moore, Charlotte Stevens)

 Julianna Bass (Model: Charlotte Stevens)

Julianna Bass (Model: Marlee Menendez)

Libertine (Model: Charlotte Stevens)

Thom Browne

Chi Zhang (Model: Marlee Menendez)

We cannot wait for next season, and of course we will keep you posted on the latest and greatest model news! As always, we are so proud of each of our models for their hard work and dedication, their hustle is paying off, and we could not be more proud of them!

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